Resilience Is The Most Important Survival Skill For Entrepreneurs During Covid-19

Resilience Is The Most Important Survival Skill For Entrepreneurs During Covid-19 by Tony de Bree

You know what? Failure is always an option. In fact, failure is inevitable. Every successful person has had their fair share of failure or even failures both in their personal as in their professional life. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, only that you get back up again.

The ability to recover after failing a task is resilience. Without resilience, the movers and shakers of the world would have forever remained in obscurity and without resilience, you will not be able to survive the Covid-19 crisis personally nor with your company.

Why is resilience important? Well, there are several reasons:

  1. Protection from overwhelming experience. Without resilience, every obstacle, every set-back, any adversity that you ever come across can be daunting. Developing mechanisms to cope with these difficult experiences makes them a little less scary.
  2. Handling stress. Stress isn’t inherently bad. Stress pushes us to act and make decisions in life. Instead of stress being something to hold you back, you can use it to draw motivation and push you forward.
  3. Mental wellbeing. If you are resilient, then you won’t let failure get you down. Attempting a task unsuccessfully many times can be psychologically draining. Resilience gives you the mental toughness needed to maintain a strong psychological balance.
  4. Realistic mindset. Without resilience, we tend to view the world differently so that it doesn’t seem so intimidating. Resilience can help you see the world for how it is: unnerving, threatening, and even terrifying.

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But it’s okay for the world to be a scary place, especially during this pandemic. As long as you have the psychological capacity to handle it, you don’t have to bend reality to feel more comfortable and survive. This it what you should do:

  • Make the best of a bad situation. Failure is not the end; it is an opportunity. Failure teaches us to learn from our mistakes and we can use that knowledge to move forward more efficiently. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, then we can never improve and do better the next time.
  • Improve how you value yourself. Being able to bounce back from a bad situation can help improve your self-worth. Instead of seeing yourself as someone ill-equipped to handle bad situations, resilience can make you feel strong, powerful, and worthy.

To rely on yourself is not always easy, but to do it time and time again proves that you don’t always need someone else to do something for you. In turn, you will see yourself as someone who can succeed regardless of the challenge.

Resilience is a skill that you can cultivate and grow with training and personal coaching under normal conditions, but unfortunately during a crisis like this one, as an entrepreneur, you do not always have the time to do that.

Anyway, next time you find it difficult to pull yourself up from failure and face adversities, do it anyways and see how being resilient can change your entire mindset!

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Tony de Bree is a born survivor. He worked 26 years in global banking & finance. IN ICT, in Educational Technology, in corporate strategy & change, outsourcing, offshore banking & splitting up ABN Amro Bank globally. In 2001 he started to make money online from home with digital products next to his dayjob as 'online plan b'. In 2011, he became independent business owner helping senior managers, startups, scaleups & SMEs to survive and grow with on demand consulting, training & coaching and as Dragon.

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