What are substitutes by Tony de Bree

What are digital substitutes?

What are digital substitutes? Traditional educational institutions including colleges, universities and business schools have been offering many virtual classes and online instructor-led programs since... Read more »
What is the online gig economy by Tony de Bree

What Is The Online Gig Economy?

What is the online gig economy? Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide in 2020, the Online Gig Economy has grown enormously. What... Read more »

What Is The On-Demand Economy?

What is the on-demand economy? From the start of the Internet and even more so since the start of the Corona pandemic worldwide, our... Read more »
What are digital economics by Tony de Bree

What are digital economics?

What are digital economics?  If you want to successful in your business as a CEO of a corporate or an independent entrepreneur or if... Read more »
'What are organisational economics?' by Tony de Bree

What are organisational economics?

Morning. There is a knowledge domain in economics and organisational design that many people do not know yet. This knowledge domain is the domain... Read more »
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