'What are organisational costs?'by Tony de Bree

What are organisational costs?

Morning. many large corporates are since the beginning of Covid-19 in great financial trouble. One of the manin problems they face is that their... Read more »
'What is the Law Of Diminishing Firms?' by Tony de Bree

What is the Law Of Dimimishing Firms?

Introduction. According to the so-called ‘Law of Diminishing Firms’, the Laws of Moore and Metcalfe have rapidly increased each other’s enforcement. Large traditional companies... Read more »
'What is a small business coach?' by Tony de Bree

What is a small business coach?

Hi, how are you today? there are many business coaches that say that they can help you online and offline. However, to be honest,... Read more »
'What are organisational economics?' by Tony de Bree

What are organisational economics?

Morning. There is a knowledge domain in economics and organisational design that many people do not know yet. This knowledge domain is the domain... Read more »
What is a solopreneur? By Tony de Bree

What Is A Solopreneur?

Hi, how are you today? I hope you are succeeding in 'pivoting your life' professionally & privately in order to survive and thrive during... Read more »