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7 digital marketing tips for small business owners - Tony de Bree

Video marketing for startups

Video marketing for startups Many startups in a number of sectors are severely affected by the various partial or full lockdowns, including FinTech startups,... Read more »
What is de social distancing economy by Tony de Bree

What is ‘the social distancing’ economy?

What is the social distancing economy? The starting point of many of the Covid-19 measures since the start of the Corona pandemic is "social... Read more »
Corporate skills are irrelevant for successful entrepreneurship - Tony de Bree

Corporate Skills Irrelevant For Successful Entrepreneurship

Good morning. almost 10 years ago I left my well paid job at the global ABN Amro Bank to become an independent business owner,... Read more »
Wat is sustainable business development by Tony de Bree

What is sustainable business development?

What Is Sustainable Business Development? Morning, there is a real hype online about 'sustainable business development'. If you type in 'what is sustainable development'... Read more »
Making money working from home - Tony de Bree - Venture Cafe 04032021

[BREAKOUT]: ‘Making Money Online While Working From Home’, Venture Café, Thursday 4th of March

Hi! How are you today? Since the beginning of COVID-19, many SMEs including founders of startups had to learn how to make money working... Read more »
Do you have an online plan-b if you lose your job today - by Tony de Bree

Do you have an online plan-b if you lose your job today?

Good morning. I don't know if you have noticed, but many people with a permanent job turn out not to have any plan-b for... Read more »
Persoonlijk Groeien zonder-te groeien in de betekeniseconomie door Tony de Bree

Persoonlijk ‘Groeien zonder-te groeien’ in de betekeniseconomie

Goedemorgen, een van de belangrijkste onderwerpen in 'Groeien zonder te groeien. Succesvol ondernemen in de betekeniseconomie' is je persoonlijke mindset als ondernemer. Het gaat... Read more »
Resilience Is The Most Important Survival Skill For Entrepreneurs During Covid-19 by Tony de Bree

Resilience Is The Most Important Survival Skill For Entrepreneurs During Covid-19

You know what? Failure is always an option. In fact, failure is inevitable. Every successful person has had their fair share of failure or... Read more »
Wat is een luisterboek - Tony de Bree

Wat is een luisterboek?

Goedemorgen, steeds meer mensen luisteren naar luisterboeken onderweg in de auto, terwijl ze wandelen of terwijl de aan fitness doen in de sportschool of... Read more »
What are low-content books? By Tony de Bree

What Are Low-Content Books?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, just like many small business owners, I have pivoted my business model and above all my revenuemodel... Read more »