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'3 Signs You Need To Pivot Your Life Now' by Tony de Bree

3 Signs You Need to Pivot Your Life Now

Morning, The moment when change is necessary for your life, to 'pivot your life, can be challenging to pinpoint. Sometimes we seem to hover... Read more »
'5 redenen om je nu niet voor een groepsgewijze Summer School op te geven' door Tony de Bree

7 Reasons Not To Sign up For A Traditional Summer School

Good morning, many large and well-known training institutes in the Netherlands now offer their classroom / group workshops, master classes or multi-day courses online... Read more »
[BLOG]: 'Three Types Of People In Life And Why You Need To Choose The Why Path' by Tony de Bree

Three Types Of People In Life And Why You Need To Choose The Why Path

Hi, how are you today? We all do things for a reason. We also avoid doing certain things for a reason as well. The... Read more »
'Van bankier tot ondernemer in crisistijd' door Tony de Bree

Van bankier tot ondernemer in crisistijd (deel 1)

Goede morgen, 9 jaar geleden vertrok ik bij ABN AMRO en schreef ‘Geld verdienen met jezelf’ voor mensen zoals ikzelf die bij o.a. de... Read more »
'7 Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset During This Crisis' by Tony de Bree

7 Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset During This Crisis

Morning, there are two types of people during this crisis if you look at newspapers, and social media like linkedIn for instance: there are... Read more »
'I've got 99 problems and one of them is me' by Tony de Bree

I’ve Got 99 Problems and One Of Them Is Me

Hi, how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? I did like a baby as always. One of the things that really strikes... Read more »
'The Banker Of The Future - What Future?' by Tony de Bree

‘The Banker Of The Future’….What Future?

Morning, while many millions independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporates worldwide are struggling to survive the lockdown, many large banks globally and large management... Read more »