Key to Survival For Entrepreneurs Lies in Blended Learning On Demand Updated for 2024

'Key to Survival Lies in Blended Learning On Demand' by Tony de Bree

Updated: May 26, 2024

Hi, how are you?

The last time I actually participated as a student in a traditional instructor-led learning experience with a group was the course I participated in to become an ICT-member of Boards of Advisors. But apart from that program, I never participate in any traditional instructor-led group activity anymore…ever.

Why? Well, firstly, because I learned since 1983 when I started to design and build online courses and from 1985 as project manager Computer Based Training at Amro Bank that many learning objectives can be achieved in different ways.

And secondly, since 2001 the opportunities for online & offline personalised blended learning on demand have increased enormously. 

Learning survival skills during the Corona-crisis

Since the beginning of the ‘intelligent lockdown’ in The Netherlands, I now spend about 3-5 hours a day learning ‘how-to-do-things’ on an individual basis and on demand to acquire new practical survival skills to continue to make money, focusing on not to waste any precious time, energy and money.

I avoid spending time on reading theoretical posts and I avoid following certain people on social media. Why? I just do not have the time to do that. I prefer spending my time as a ‘minimalistic entrepreneur’ on learning new things at my own pace, at my own time and at my own personal level. And spending quality time with my wife who aso works at home….

“In order to survive, we have to learn ‘how to do things’, or else we drown….” 

Learning survival skills with blended learning on demand

This is how I save money with learning on demand:

  • I watch a lot of tutorials (Zoom, Slack, WordPress, WOOCommerce, video scripting, producing videos etc etc).
  • I read short ‘how-to’ eBooks.
  • I learn how to use new SaaS-tools including a number of video-tools.
  • I follow webinars of really successful online entrepreneurs that really want to help me to make a difference for my clients.
  • I use dayly, weekly and monthly planners, checklists & canvasses.
  • I talk a lot with customers including people that bought my Dutch ‘how-to-books’ and ask them how they are and how I can help.

And I save a lot of money also because of most of Tutorials, eBooks and SaaS-tools are English and not in Dutch…..and that really makes a big difference for my bottom-line…..

Blended learning on demand for customers

Because I can with the help of people worldwide acquire new practical skills with ‘Action Learning’ very quickly instead of spending months and months in a modular programme, I can also translate this new knowledge and new experience immediately in tools to help my customers to survive this crisis with blended learning materials and online consulting and online coaching on demand.

And that is my personal mission….to work together with as many executives with the same core values and as many small businesses as possible to survive the Corona-crisis. But customers first!

Contact me now and see how you can save a lot of money, time and energy to survive Corona with on demand blended learning programmes.

Have a nice day and…. #stayhome

Kind regards,
Tony de Bree

p.s. Follow me on Twitter here and let’s connect on LinkedIn here and/or follow me there, ok? And above all, share with me your thoughts on how to survive the curent Corona-crisis together, ok?

About the Author: tonydebree

Tony de Bree worked in Financial Services including in corporate venturing and e-commerce for 26 years and he made the transition from banker to entrepreneur working from home and making money online with his own "online plan b" with digital products as side-hustles in 2000 and as hybrid business owner since 2011. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, he helps corporates, small business owners, startups & scaleups to define and implement the best digital survival strategy and he helps managers and employees to become a successful entrepreneur with a personal digital-right skilling plan.

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