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'Overlevingsstrategie voor startups. Zo overleef je een crisis in 5 stappen' gestegen naar 22 bij Managementboek.nl' door Tony de Bree

‘Overlevingsstrategie voor startups’ gestegen naar 22!

View Post Goede morgen, 'Overlevingsstrategie voor startups'is gestegen naar plaats 22 bij Managementboek.nl.! Super blij mee natuurlijk. Dank aan alle oprichters van startups, starters... Read more »

Startups: vergeet ‘pitches’ en ‘video pitches’

Hoi, Volgens de 'pitch-gurus' moet je bv als oprichter van een startup tijdens Corona je 7-seconden pitches nu online zetten in de vorm van... Read more »
'Key to Survival Lies in Blended Learning On Demand' by Tony de Bree

Key to Survival For Entrepreneurs Lies in Blended Learning On Demand

Hi, how are you? The last time I actually participated as a student in a traditional instructor-led learning experience with a group was the... Read more »

7 Ways To Reduce Your Costs During The Corona Crisis

Many entrepreneurs are looking at National Governments for help to survive the financial problems they are in.  And that is logical. However, there are... Read more »
How To Find Your Personal Ebook Writing style? by Tony de Bree

5 Benefits of a Digital Product Business

Introduction. If you're looking for a business model that allows you to generate genuinely passive income and to make a money working from home... Read more »
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From Growth Strategy to Survival Strategy

Introduction. Not so long ago, we were all talking about 'Growth Strategy' including professors on traditional business schools, CEOs of large corporates, traditional banks,... Read more »