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Why investor ready is out and customer ready is in By Tony de Bree

Why ‘Investor Ready’ is out & ‘Customer Ready’ is in?

View Post Good morning. Tonight I am facilitating a session at the Hybrid Summer School of the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam on: 5:00PM–6:00PM REVENUE... Read more »
[CHECKLIST]: How To Choose The Right 'Free Webinar' - Tony de Bree

[CHECKLIST]: How To Choose The Right ‘Free Webinar’ – Tony de Bree

Introduction.  You can only do one thing at the time in your life. And that goes for your private life and also in your... Read more »
'Key to Survival Lies in Blended Learning On Demand' by Tony de Bree

Key to Survival For Entrepreneurs Lies in Blended Learning On Demand

Hi, how are you? The last time I actually participated as a student in a traditional instructor-led learning experience with a group was the... Read more »

7 Ways To Reduce Your Costs During The Corona Crisis

Many entrepreneurs are looking at National Governments for help to survive the financial problems they are in.  And that is logical. However, there are... Read more »
Corona Survival Hacks by Tony de Bree

Free Corona Survival Hacks For Entrepreneurs

Morning, many entrepreneurs have to survive the current Corona-crisis working from home trying to make money online including many of my own customers since... Read more »
How To Define & Implement Your Business Survival Strategy...Fast? by Tony de Bree

From Growth Strategy to Survival Strategy

Introduction. Not so long ago, we were all talking about 'Growth Strategy' including professors on traditional business schools, CEOs of large corporates, traditional banks,... Read more »