'5 Signs You Need To Improve Your Resilience & Change' by Tony de Bree

5 Signs you Need to Improve Your Resilience & Change

Morning, I got up early this morning to prepare an online masterclass for students Entrepreneurship in The Hague in The Netherlands on Monday. Boys... Read more »
'Online on demand services door Tony de Bree'

On demand services

Good morning, do you want on demand consulting, training & coaching? Then these hybrid on-demand services are for you (examples): • consulting on demand.... Read more »
'What are pitch videos?' by Tony de Bree

What are pitch videos?

Morning,  how are you today? Pitch videos are hot online, especially since the start of the covid-19 crisis. But what is a "pitch video"?... Read more »
Unicorns are out, zebras are in by Tony de Bree

Unicorns Are Out, Zebras Are in

Morning. Investments are shifting from promise-based to revenue-based, to companies that focus on customers and the environment. For a long time, 'being big' and... Read more »
'What are organisational costs?'by Tony de Bree

What are organisational costs?

Morning. many large corporates are since the beginning of Covid-19 in great financial trouble. One of the manin problems they face is that their... Read more »
'What is the Law Of Diminishing Firms?' by Tony de Bree

What is the Law Of Dimimishing Firms?

Introduction. According to the so-called ‘Law of Diminishing Firms’, the Laws of Moore and Metcalfe have rapidly increased each other’s enforcement. Large traditional companies... Read more »
'What is a small business coach?' by Tony de Bree

What is a small business coach?

Hi, how are you today? there are many business coaches that say that they can help you online and offline. However, to be honest,... Read more »
'What are organisational economics?' by Tony de Bree

What are organisational economics?

Morning. There is a knowledge domain in economics and organisational design that many people do not know yet. This knowledge domain is the domain... Read more »
'Innovatief hoger onderwijs met 'Overlevingsstrategie voor startups' bij Management of ICT' door Tony de Bree

About me

Welcome! My name is Tony de Bree I work with pleasure and passion around issues with a common thread; 'if you get stuck and... Read more »
'Why you should focus on relevant life long learning during Covid-19' by Tony de Bree

Why you should focus on relevant life long learning during Covid-19

Hello, how are you? sometimes it seems like the Covid-19 crisis hasn't changed anything if you read many blogs on LinkedIn for instance on... Read more »