What Is Startup Business Administration? Updated for 2024

What is startup change management by Tony de Bree

Updated: May 25, 2024

What Is Startup Business Administration?

Morning, I successfully completed a number of different traditional ‘corporate’ business administration and change management courses with corporate change management methods and tools when I worked at ABN Amro (Business Administration for IT professionals, International Business Administration and a European Executive MBA) and obtained a PhD in Business Administration & Knowledge Management in 2001 on Digital ‘Transformation of financial service providers’ (see here).

They were all excellent Action-learning courses and I have had a lot of use in the corporate world and still with large clients that have to become small, ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’. Why? Because you learn how to provide corporate organisational management consultancy and how to do corporate change management. And corporates a still struggling to become Lean & Agile, with Digital Transformation and digitisation of processes in their current often ‘too fat’ organisation.

More: ‘Do You Have A Plan-B If You Lose Your Job?’ , ‘What’s Your Online Plan-?’ & ‘Corporate Skills Are Irrelevant For Entrepreneurship’. 

Central to the challenge of founders of startups however is how to start, grow and scale your business and stay ‘Lean & Mean’ with the help of ICT, with a virtual organisation. Why? Because by nature, startups are already ‘Lean’ & ‘Agile’ and they want to stay that way! 

‘Staying small with ICT is the next big thing in business’

You need completely different methods & tools, different entrepreneurial tools, to organise your startup from scratch and/or change an existing startup organisation, the existing startup business model, the existing startup revenuemodel and last but not least, the existing startup business ecosystem in an integrated way….. and fast. And that is where startup business administration comes in:

What is startup business administration?

Startup business administration is the field that deals with organising a startup and integrally adapting the organization of startups in times of crisis, for example, and how business objectives by creating customer value can be formulated and realised online and offline together with a unique startup business ecosystem.

Organising a startup quickly and changing the organisation of a startup in time is a different knowledge domain than corporate business administration and traditonal corporate change management skills and tools. Tt requires different soft and hard skills and you need specific entrepeneurial methods, techniques and tools specially designed for organising and reorganising a startup during times of crisis like this one.

That is why from Q3 2022 onwards, you will be able to follow an on-demand modular ‘startup business management’ program. Since it is an individual tailor-made virtual learning program with intensive individual & personal guidance, the number of participants who can follow the virtual program at the same time will be limited.

New short on-demand virtual startup business administration learning programs?

If you want to know more about new new short on-demand virtual learning programs startup business administration, please email your mobile number and the link to your LinkedIn profile using this form. Then we immediately will contact you to make an appointment for an online intake interview.

Tony de Bree

About the Author: tonydebree

Tony de Bree worked in Financial Services including in corporate venturing and e-commerce for 26 years and he made the transition from banker to entrepreneur working from home and making money online with his own "online plan b" with digital products as side-hustles in 2000 and as hybrid business owner since 2011. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, he helps corporates, small business owners, startups & scaleups to define and implement the best digital survival strategy and he helps managers and employees to become a successful entrepreneur with a personal digital-right skilling plan.

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