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What is business financing by Tony de Bree

What is business financing?

What is business financing?  How to finance your business during a crisis like Covid-19 is a critical topic for corporates, but also for SMEs... Read more »
Wat is sustainable business development by Tony de Bree

What is sustainable business development?

What Is Sustainable Business Development? Morning, there is a real hype online about 'sustainable business development'. If you type in 'what is sustainable development'... Read more »
Making money working from home - Tony de Bree - Venture Cafe 04032021

[BREAKOUT]: ‘Making Money Online While Working From Home’, Venture Café, Thursday 4th of March

Hi! How are you today? Since the beginning of COVID-19, many SMEs including founders of startups had to learn how to make money working... Read more »
What is a digital blue ocean? by Tony de Bree

What Is A Digital Blue Ocean Strategy?

Good morning, this week I did a 1-day blended learning program online for healthcare professionals in a Healthcare MBA on 'from idea to succesful... Read more »
What is startup change management by Tony de Bree

What Is Startup Change Management?

What Is Startup Change Management? I successfully completed a number of different traditional 'corporate' business administration and change management courses with corporate change management... Read more »
Wat is startup change management door Tony de Bree

Wat is startup change management?

Goede middag. Bedrijfskunde is zoals bekend het vakgebied dat zich bezig houdt met de organisatie en het aanpassen van de organisatie van bedrijven en... Read more »
'Overlevingsstrategie voor startups' nu ook als audioboek beschikbaar' door Tony de Bree

‘Overlevingsstrategie voor startups’ nu ook als audioboek

View Post Goede middag, als je aan het sporten bent in de sportschool, als je aan het wandelen bent of in de auto onderweg... Read more »
Unicorns are out, zebras are in by Tony de Bree

Unicorns Are Out, Zebras Are in

Morning. Investments are shifting from promise-based to revenue-based, to companies that focus on customers and the environment. For a long time, 'being big' and... Read more »
'Innovatief hoger onderwijs met 'Overlevingsstrategie voor startups' bij Management of ICT' door Tony de Bree

Innovatief hoger onderwijs met ‘Overlevingsstrategie voor startups’ bij Management of ICT

View Post Goede middag, veel studenten in het hoger onderwijs klagen over de kwaliteit van de online colleges. En vaak terecht. Waarom? Omdat veel... Read more »
'How To Stay Out Of Financial Trouble With Your Startup during Covid-19' by Tony de Bree

How To Stay Out Of Financial Trouble With Your Startup during Covid-19

Hi! How are you today? I really enjoyed the hybrid Pitch Night at the Venture Cafe yesterday evening and the different online and offline... Read more »