From Corporate Growth Strategy to Corporate Survival Strategy Development Updated for 2024

From Corporate Growth Strategies to Corporate Survival Strategies Development by Tony de Bree

Updated: May 25, 2024

From Corporate Growth Strategy to Corporate Survival Strategy Development.

Not so long ago, management consultants and mangement gurus were talking about  ‘corporate growth Strategies’ including professors on traditional economic ‘growth strategy’ business schools, CEOs of many large corporates and management consultants of the large consulting firms. And some of them still do by the way.

However, since the global outbreak of the Corona-virus and especially since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, all CEO’s of corporates should pivot from Corporate Growth Strategy to Corporate Survival Strategy Development and fast.

The problem is however that traditional senior managers and management consultants never learned that…..anywhere….

What is corporate survival strategy development’?

‘Corporate survival strategy development means defining and executing a corporate ICT and business strategy to focus on your best customers, cut unnessecary fixed and variable costs just-in-time’. 

More: What is the online shakeout?, What is the online gig economy? & What is a digital blue ocean strategy?’

Especially now, defining and executing an effective Corporate Survival Strategy in the online platform economy and fast (including the best digital survival strategy using digital strategy mapping, is an important part of a successful Corporate Survival Strategy and survivalplan. If you want any corporate company to survive the Covid-19 crisis and the crisis after the invasion of Ukraine that is….

If you want to read more practical  tips & tricks on how to survive the online shakeout, then bookmark these posts. 

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About the Author: tonydebree

Tony de Bree worked in Financial Services including in corporate venturing and e-commerce for 26 years and he made the transition from banker to entrepreneur working from home and making money online with his own "online plan b" with digital products as side-hustles in 2000 and as hybrid business owner since 2011. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, he helps corporates, small business owners, startups & scaleups to define and implement the best digital survival strategy and he helps managers and employees to become a successful entrepreneur with a personal digital-right skilling plan.

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