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Wat is sustainable business development by Tony de Bree

What is sustainable business development?

What Is Sustainable Business Development? Morning, there is a real hype online about 'sustainable business development'. If you type in 'what is sustainable development'... Read more »
Making money working from home - Tony de Bree - Venture Cafe 04032021

[BREAKOUT]: ‘Making Money Online While Working From Home’, Venture Café, Thursday 4th of March

Hi! How are you today? Since the beginning of COVID-19, many SMEs including founders of startups had to learn how to make money working... Read more »
What is a digital blue ocean? by Tony de Bree

What Is A Digital Blue Ocean Strategy?

Good morning, this week I did a 1-day blended learning program online for healthcare professionals in a Healthcare MBA on 'from idea to succesful... Read more »