Corona Survival Hacks (Eng)

What is traditional outplacement by Tony de Bree

What Is Traditional Outplacement?

Good morning. The World is changing very quickly and so is the labourmarket. In this blog, Tony de Bree explains why traditional outplacement programs... Read more »
Do you have a plan-b if you lose your job - by Tony de Bree

Do you have a plan-b if you lose your job?

Good morning. I don't know if you have noticed, but many people with a permanent job turn out not to have any plan-b for... Read more »
your online plan-b for revenues by Tony de Bree

What’s Your Online Plan-B?

Good morning. even in a crisis like this one, you have the opportuniy to create income online based on your strengths and your talents.... Read more »
Corporate skills are irrelevant for successful entrepreneurship - Tony de Bree

Corporate Skills Irrelevant For Successful Entrepreneurship

Good morning. nine years ago I left my well paid job at the global ABN Amro Bank to become an independent business owner, a... Read more »

How to invest in the best education…for you?

Good morning, many professionals and companies from the traditional education industry, including large training institutes & business schoola, corporate labor market advisers, career coaches... Read more »
'5 Signs You Need To Improve Your Resilience & Change' by Tony de Bree

5 Signs you Need to Improve Your Resilience & Change

Morning, I got up early this morning to prepare an online masterclass for students Entrepreneurship in The Hague in The Netherlands on Monday. Boys... Read more »
'Online on demand services door Tony de Bree'

On demand services

Good morning, do you want on demand consulting, training & coaching? Then these hybrid on-demand services are for you (examples): • consulting on demand.... Read more »
'What are pitch videos?' by Tony de Bree

What are pitch videos?

Morning,  how are you today? Pitch videos are hot online, especially since the start of the covid-19 crisis. But what is a "pitch video"?... Read more »
Unicorns are out, zebras are in by Tony de Bree

Unicorns Are Out, Zebras Are in

Morning. Investments are shifting from promise-based to revenue-based, to companies that focus on customers and the environment. For a long time, 'being big' and... Read more »
'What are organisational costs?'by Tony de Bree

What are organisational costs?

Morning. many large corporates are since the beginning of Covid-19 in great financial trouble. One of the manin problems they face is that their... Read more »