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'Join Tony de Bree during the Summer School At the Venture Cafe In Rotterdam' by Tony de Bree

Online Summer School At the Venture Café Rotterdam

COVID-19 hit the world hard. Following the pandemic and the social distancing measures that were taken by governments worldwide, our economy is bound to... Read more »
'What is 'isometric design'? by Tony de Bree

What is ‘isometric design’?

Hi, isometric design is the hottest design trend right now giving you the best graphical engagement online marketing has ever witnessed. It works because... Read more »
'I've got 99 problems and one of them is me' by Tony de Bree

I’ve Got 99 Problems and One Of Them Is Me

Hi, how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? I did like a baby as always. One of the things that really strikes... Read more »
'The Banker Of The Future - What Future?' by Tony de Bree

‘The Banker Of The Future’….What Future?

Morning, while many millions independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporates worldwide are struggling to survive the lockdown, many large banks globally and large management... Read more »